New Yogasana classes – with Sindy & Michael

Yoagasana is a class filled with high energy and breath to build on your strength, you will sweat while working through dynamic vinyasa, leave feeling rejuvenated, renewed and energised. Coordinating each movement with breath will stimulate your cardiovascular and respiratory system while as well as offer a deep sense of calm and clarity. It may bring the state of euphoria. Suitable for everyone. Classes at 6.15pm on Thursdays with Michael Eley and 10.30am on Saturdays with Sindy Haque Timetable

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Back Bending Workshop with Laura

12th June, 1pm – 3pm In this 2 hour workshop we will be learning to let go of the fear of bending backwards and how to create space in the body so that you can back bend safely, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Tin Man or a Bendy Wendy, everyone can benefit from this workshop! £25 Buy now

Stillness & Precision – Cintra’s Constant Chatter Workshop

This workshop will focus on the finer details of the poses; pranayama, standing separate leg stretching, forehead to the knee, toe-stand, sit-ups and savasana. With over 30 years experience and knowledge Cintra will be talking all things yoga; yoga philosophy, the importance of being still & precise, which will make you more knowledgeable and comfortable in your practice. The workshop will close with a short Yoga Nidra £25 Buy now

2016 Workshop

Workshops are open level and suitable for everyone, they are a fun, relaxed, informal, allowing you to ask questions and also receive individual attention. Booking is essential as these workshops will sell out quickly. 

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Be tempted by our new 2016 workshops - Bikram Basics with Sharka, Happy Hips with Laura, Nina’s Restorative workshop with props or a Forrest Yoga Ceremony with Mel


Why is Jiva so addictive? Here we demystify this new class - now on BH&I schedule and why you should add Jiva to your yoga routine


Forrest is a Hatha based style that focuses on abdominal core work, shoulders, spine and hips, the postures are held for a longer period


Vinyasa is FIRE! The postures are designed to open up your hips, strengthen your core and build your upper body. Its fast changing sequence will fire you up and you will experience an intense workout