Workshop schedule 2017

Sunday Yindulgence workshop with Laura

Sunday Yindulgence With Laura_posterTake some time for yourself and discover how wonderful it can feel to let go and surrender into a slow Yin practice.

With the body supported by props, the muscles can let go and we can allow the pose to sink into the deeper tissues of the body. This benefits us physiologically as we can target the deep fascia and safely exercise our joints, but the emotional and psychological benefits of letting go and accepting ‘what is’ are huge. Come and find out for yourself with this extended 2 hour practice.

Laura studied with Bernie Clark, author of ‘The complete guide to Yin Yoga’ and ‘Your Body, Your Yoga’ in Vancouver, Canada.

Sunday 30 July
12.30 to 2.30pm – 2 hours
Price: £20 everyone or £15 for Autopay members

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Workshop details to follow