Workshop schedule 2017

Bikram Basics Workshop With Ana Wood

bikram basic_071117The Bikram Basics workshop is designed for customers in their first few months of practice, it’s a great platform to deepen the understanding of the postures, get tips & ask questions • Learn the correct alignment

  • Individual corrections
  • Therapeutic benefits of Yoga
  • Make the most of your practice
  • Workshops limited to 20 students
  • Booking Required

Sunday 26 Nov
1.30 – 3.00pm
Price: £15

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Breathwork Workshop with Hannah Nedas and Hannah Goodman

The way we breathe is a reflection and expression of the way we live. It is the breath that bridges our internal and external worlds. In this workshop you will learn that the breath is our medicine and working with it is a sure way of treating your body, mind and spirit to it’s most rich and healing superfood.

This workshop will:

Give you an opportunity to connect to your body, mind and spirit through your breath and help improve emotional, physical and spiritual
well-being. Help clear and remove energy blockages and release trauma on an emotional, physical and energetic level. Enhance mental clarity & self-awareness.

Help you understand how to heal and rebalance your Chakras through intention and the healing power of the voice.

Give you empowering tools and teachings to incorporate into your daily life to help create change and assist you in clearing blockages yourself, accessing and increasing your own ability for self-healing.

Sunday 3 Dec
1.30 – 3.30pm
Price: £25 everyone or £20 for Autopay members

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