Jivamukti Yoga

Why is Jiva so addictive? Could it be the mixture of dynamic physically postures, breath, a midfullness and the chanting of oms at the beginning and end of class [which btw – sound incredible in our yoga room]

Jivamukti Yoga Classes – Open level suitable for everyone


This Vinyasa based style of yoga will change the way you see and practice yoga forever, we have answered some of your burning questions below, we hope you reading this will be encouraged and motivated to Jivamukti –  now on BH&I schedule.

“Is this class physically challenging?
I love how I feel after a Bikram class – I feel like I’ve had a total ‘mind and body’ work out, will I feel the same in Jiva?
I’m not very flexible and still struggle in a Bikram class – is Jiva suitable for everyone?
Is the room heated?
Are the postures similar to Bikram?
What is the red musical instrument?”

_MG_2202The Jiva sequence is a powerful yoga series design to create a total mind and body connection, strengthening the body, open your shoulders, hips, making your body flexible and agile. This class is a complete workout, you will feel invigorated after class.

The class is suitable for everyone, it doesn’t matter about your fitness or yoga level, you always do as much as you can, connect with your breath at all times, take plenty of rests if you are struggling with performing all the postures, in each class you will become stronger and more connected. Cristian is an experienced,  knowledgeable, motivating Bikram and Jivamukti teacher and he will guide you through your practice effortlessly with a smile.

The room will be warm, no heat is used during the class, you will sweat and work hard.

You will know some of the postures from your Bikram practice, but most are different, allow yourself a few classes to become familiar with each one. The main difference from Bikram to Jiva is the postures flow one into the next, this is called Vinyasa and are the same as in the Vinyasa classes which we also offer on our schedule.

What to expect in your first Jiva Class:

jiva-workshop-web-version1. Start with an energetic warm up of sun salutations
2. Followed by a few chant as Cristian plays the Harmonium.
3. Then the class officially begins with the Vinyasa sequence, The focus is on upper body strengthening, deep hip opening, some twisting and shoulder opening, butt toning and core building. Working 100% of the body. It develops alignment while building strength, stamina, flexibility and a strong connection with the breath, as you move through the sequence through the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling.
4. Please note that in this particular class the teacher may gently touch you from time to time to help with your alignment and correct your postures. If you would prefer the teacher not to touch or correct you please let them know before the class starts.


Jiva 3Follow the teachers instruction, observe your breath, learn to link your breathing with you movements. Practice often, practice with discipline, always enjoy your practice, have an open heart and mind.

The red musical instrument? – You have to come to class to find out!

If you have any questions please talk to our front desk team or talk directly with Cristian the next time your at the studio. These class are here to stay along with the Bikram classes, they will help you on yoga journey. Namaste Georgina, Carl and the entire team at BH&I

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