Forrest Yoga

What is Forrest Yoga?

If you think that Forrest Yoga is what you get living barefoot in a forest with moss growing between your toes, think again!

Forrest Yoga Classes – Open level suitable for everyone


_MG_2300Different from Vinyasa and Jivamukti, in Forrest the postures are held for a longer period. Forrest is a Hatha based style that focuses on abdominal core work, shoulders, spine and hips. Two classes of Forrest a week will help you advance on building that strong, lean abdomen you have always longed for. You will leave your first class thinking you already started to build your “Six pack”.

Kidding apart, Forrest is an intensive practise that will definitely surprise you!
The first few classes you will be adjusting and learning but after constant practice you will be prepared to perform challenging poses such as wheel or handstan!

What makes Forrest so different?

The way that Forrest treats neck tension, back pain and stress relief is unique. No other Yoga approaches modern anxiety and stress as Forrest does. Thanks to its long holding postures and upper bodywork, Forrest will help you realize what relaxation and lightness actually is.

_MG_2284What does a Forrest class looks like? What is its structure?

1. Forrest Yoga always starts with breathing

2. Next is floor work, forward bends, sidebends & twists to open the neck, shoulders, back & hamstrings

3. Then it’s abdominals, to warm you up from the core to set you up for the rest of the class

4. Followed by either inversions, salutations or standing series, this is the hot part of class

5. Included is an apex pose to look forward to like a challenging pose such as wheel or handstand

6. Finally comes the warm/cool down which is usually a combination of forward bends & twists. Then a 5 min Savasana.

Why should you practice Forrest Now! (Big Benefits)

_MG_2277Forrest is a challenging practice that will give you the tools to work on areas of the body that sometimes are difficult to exercise with other physical activities.

Forrest will spice up your yoga or work out routine and greatly improve your breathing techniques

You will (finally) be strong enough to rock those “Instagram postures” you have always dreamt of doing!

If you have any questions please talk to our front desk team or talk directly with Mel the next time your at the studio. These class are here to stay along with the Bikram classes, they will help you on yoga journey. Namaste Georgina, Carl and the entire team at BH&I

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