Sindy’s Yogasana Journey

Oct 24th, 2016

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Sindy’s Yogasana Journey

I first attempted a Yogasana class back in 2010, actually it was a Jiva Mukti class taught by a teacher who I had never met before named Stewart Gilchrist. Well if I’d never known him before I would never forget this dreadlocked man from Glasgow now! He was commanding and charismatic and taught so much more than just the postures, it was like no class I’d ever experienced before. At that point I had been practising Bikram yoga for about a year and only teaching for 6 months- yes I went to the teacher training very quickly! When I say I died in this class it’s an understatement – I couldn’t hold downward facing dog for five breaths, my arms and legs were shaking and I just could not breathe!

I went along to class with my then boyfriend now husband Michael Eley and best friend Alexis Vickers, and as I looked across at them with sweat/tears in my eyes they seemed to be having a lovely time! (I think this is because they had both been practising yoga a much longer time!)

After a class filled with full on hands on adjustments, chanting, a wicked soundtrack and a wonderful massage at the end I hadn’t quite made up my mind. On the one hand I found it hugely challenging but on the other hand I’d never felt so peaceful and grounded after a yoga class.

I decided to do the intro offer and attend as many classes as possible but I found as a new teacher of Bikram Yoga that sticking to the 26 & 2 at that time would be better for me to keep me focussed and improve the discipline that I’d just started.

Five years later and having practised Bikram daily all that time I found myself in a different central London studio about to take another now entitled “Yogasana” class. Just as the class (which was packed out) was about to start, I turned to the girl to my right and asked “what’s this class like?” she replied “hardcore.”

After class I was euphoric so happy that I had developed my yoga practise through Bikram that I could pretty much manage the whole class. This was it…I was hooked.

One year later I attended Stewart’s 500hr teacher training and am now lucky enough to teach both Bikram and Yogasana!

Don’t miss Sindy & Michael’s Breaking Down Yogasana Workshop this Sunday 30th October 2:30 – 4:30pm.

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