Julie is a qualified Reiki practitioner who enjoys expressing her creativity through painting. My Bikram yoga practice has enabled me to fully connect with my mind, body and soul, to appreciate the present moment by practicing stillness. We all lead busy lifestyles so itʼs vital to find healthy exercises that work best for ourselves, to strive for improvement, creating a balance to learn, to heal and to grow.

Loves: Simple acts of kindness, animals, art, meditation, music, yoga, travelling, nature, candles, photography, astronomy and cooking.
Dislike: Litter and dishonesty.
Most likely to dance: Iʼm not exceptionally great at dancing but I would give all genres a go, despite looking like a wobbly chicken.
Favourite postures: Eagle pose.


Loves: Music, food, music, coffee, food, music, coffee, food. Cheese. British Accent
Dislikes: Techno, custard, beans for breakfast, tea with milk, cider
Most likely to dance to: It’s gotta be rock n roll music if you wanna dance with me
Favourite posture: Eagle. I like the contortion. I also get really concentrated at this posture
and get this feeling of being “here and now” which is great


Eloise is an actor, singer and director. She runs her own children’s theatre company called ‘Peahead’ and is part of the creative team at Some Voices – London’s largest alternative choir

Loves: My Family. My friends. My bike. And Almond Butter!
Dislike: Coriander. Cucumber (I can’t think of another C!)
Most likely to dance to: Pretty much anything, but Motown is a great place to start, especially ‘Higher and Higher’ by Jackie Wilson
Favourite posture: Balancing Stick
Most likely to say to: ‘Hola Chica’


Loves: Music, food, life
Dislikes: Injustice
Most likely to say: ‘Cool’
Most likely to dance to: Something electronic
Favourite posture: Triangle – it works the entire body


Luisa is a web writer, a social media lover and a fine journalism junkie. Luisa started practicing Bikram this year. She thought she was going to die during her first class but afterwards understood why people get addicted. The feeling is just sublime!

Loves: family, friends, mountains, salsa, tango, The Strokes, British politeness, smart conversations and people who want to change the world
she thinks texting / mailing is overused and sometimes all you need is a call
Most likely to say to: ‘love you guys!’
Most likely to dance to: cumbia, salsa, porro
Favourite posture: Eagle. She feels in equilibrium with life and herself


I am an actress and the best Nanny in the world (after Mary Poppins). When I am not on stage or on set I like teaching, acting, organise and direct theatre/musical workshop for children. I have a Degree in Psychology that brought me to work alongside children with learning difficulties and emotional problems. I practice Vedic Transcendental Meditation. For 10 years I have studied holistic therapies and techniques, including; Feldenkrais, Alexander, Breath Therapy, Aurasoma, Reiki, plus Vocal Techniques.

Loves: I am passionate about Theatre , Cinema, all forms of the Arts, travel… and of course Italian food! I love to study, learn new things and new skills
Dislike: Being stuck in traffic, ungratefulness, negativity
Most likely to dance: Blues, Rock, Funky, Salsa, Valzer, Tango, Country, Folk Dance of Central and Southern Italy
Most likely to say: “Nobody wins unless everybody wins”
Favourite postures: My favourite posture changes daily!