New to Bikram?

Hello and welcome, below you will find all the necessary information for your first class, and please read our Bikram Hot Yoga Guide & Introduction for more tips.

Please arrive 30 minutes before your first class so you have enough time to register. Introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know if you have any illness or injury. If purchasing the introductory offer you will be asked for proof of ID .

You will need

Yoga clothes, two towels (one to put on your mat and one for the shower after class) and a bottle of water. Yoga mats are supplied free of charge, you can rent towels for £1.50 each and buy bottles of water for £1 and coco water for £2, we also sell yoga mats for £15 and sticky grip towels at £35.

All students are encouraged to complete the full 90 minute class
As a beginner the way to ensure that you complete your first class and last the duration – 90 minutes; is to pace yourself and allow your body to get used to the heat. Focus on breathing slowly through the nose.

The studio is a place where we observe silence, the only items permitted in the studio are mats, towels and water. Please take time to read through our Bikram frequently asked questions & studio etiquette.

Smile and enjoy yourself… and be sure to read our Bikram Hot Yoga Guide & Introduction for more tips :-)